Interview Question(1)【含答案】 庄子寓言及其智慧


Which of the following statements about the forms of writing used in the text of Zhuangzi is correct according to the expert?

A  The text of Zhuangzi is written in 3 forms: “yuyan” “zhiyan” and “zhongyan”, “zhiyan” means true words; sayings of eminent figures.

B  The book of Zhuangzi were written in 3 forms of “yan”, among which “yuyan” means fables or allegories.

C  The word “yuyan” first appeared in the text of Zhuangzi and it accounts for one tenth of the text of Zhuangzi.

D  “Yuyan” means fables or allegories and was told by a third party but nine out of ten are “zhongyan” (true words), which express one’s views.


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