Lesson 5 Pursuing Dao【含答案】 庄子寓言及其智慧


What was Master Dongguo's reaction towards Zhuangzi's answers in the fable Dao is in Shit and Piss?

A  He was angry that Zhuangzi didn't even talk to him.

B  He was amazed that Zhuangzi could explain so clearly.

C  He was surprised that Dao is in such lowly things.

D  He was happy that Zhuangzi had the same opinion with his.


What does Zhuangzi actually want to say through the story of "treading a pig"?

A  If Dao exists in shit and piss, Dao should be everywhere. 

B  The way you ask questions is very important. Sometimes, questions can be very misleading.

C  To know whether a pig is fat or not, just tread its feet. If the feet are fat, the whole pig is fat.

D  Dao is hidden somewhere, and all you have to do is to seek it in the lowliest place.


How did wheelwright Bian convince the duke that what he was reading was nothing, but rubbish left by a dead man?

A  He used dialectical language to debate with the duke.

B  He explained to the duke by asking him to make a wheel himself.

C  He used a fable story to teach the duke a lesson.

D  He used his own experience of making wheels to persuade the duke.


Which of the following statements does not conform to the lesson Zhuangzi wants to convey through the fable Wheelwright Bian on Making Wheels?

A  Dao is everywhere and can be perceived by man.

B  Dao is often beyond words, so you have to understand it through your personal practice.

C  The secret of Dao can only be passed through a master-apprentice pattern.

D  Meaning may get lost during the process of writing or reading. 


Why did Confucius disapprove of Yan Hui’s visit to the State of Wei?

A  He was clear that Yan Hui went there for the purpose of fame.

B  He was concerned that Yan Hui might get killed by the cruel king.

C  He was not satisfied with Yan Hui for he hadn’t learned well.

D  He was not sure whether Yan Hui would be able to fulfill his purpose.


Which of the following is not a step of fasting of the heart?

A  You need to first hear with your ears, so you can hear the sound.

B  You should further hear with your heart, so you can hear the truth.

C  Next, you should sit and forget what you hold most dearly: self.

D  Ultimately you should hear with your soul, so you hear the Dao.


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