15.4.3 Quiz-Histology and Embryology(组织学与胚胎学)


Juxtaglomerular apparatus consists of:()

A  Juxtaglomerular cells and Macula densa cells

B  Juxtaglomerular cells, Macula densa cells and Extraglomerular mesangial cells

C  Macula densa cells and Extraglomerular mesangial cells

D  Juxtaglomerular cells and Extraglomerular mesangial cells

E  Juxtaglomerular cells, Macula densa cells and Intraglomerular mesangial cells


Which of the followings is FALSE about Juxtaglomerular cells?()

A  The cells are cubic.

B  The cytoplasm is weakly basophilic.

C  They derive from the smooth muscle cells.

D  There is a small amount of myofibrils

E  There is no elastic membrane or basement membrane between the cells and the endothelium


Which of the followings secrets renin in the kidney?()

A  Intraglomerular mesangial cells

B  Juxtaglomerular cells

C  Extraglomerular mesangial cells

D  Stromal cells

E  Podocytes


Which of the following cells differentiate the Juxtaglomerular cells?()

A  Intraglomerular mesangial cells

B  Extraglomerular mesangial cells

C  Smooth muscle cells in the afferent arterioles

D  Podocytes

E  Parietal cells of renal capsule


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