3.4.2 Lesson 4 Internal Facto【含答案】 庄子寓言及其智慧


According to the fable Perfect Archery, why did Liezi fail to shoot when he was on the top of the mountain?

A  Because there wasn’t a cup of water on his arm.

B  Because he was too frightened to calm down.

C  Because climbing the mountain had exhausted all his energy.

D  Because he didn’t want to show off his archery before Bohun Wuren.


What can we learn from the fable Perfect Archery?

A  Do not judge the book by its cover.

B  Nothing is more important than life.

C  We have to pay great attention to the surrounding environment all the time.

D  The highest state of mind is to get rid of external interference.


Which of the following statements is correct about the fable Steering a Boat?

A  The ferryman had magic power to handle the boat effortlessly.

B  The ferryman wanted to commit suicide while steering a boat.

C  Confucius dived into the gulf of Shangshen to save the ferryman.

D  Confucius’ disciple Yan Hui met a ferryman when he was crossing the gulf of Shangshen.


Why could the ferryman steer the boat at ease in the fable Steering a Boat?

A  Because he was born to be good at acquiring any skill.

B  Because he had a great interest in steering a boat.

C  Because he had been familiar with the conditions similar to steering a boat.

D  Because he was not afraid of any danger.


According to the fable The Man Drinking Icy Water, which of the following statement is incorrect?

A  The King of Ye assigned Duke Zhigao of Ye a most important mission to Qi.

B  Duke Zhigao of Ye was uncertain whether he could complete the mission.

C  Duke Zhigao of Ye failed the mission and let his state down.

D  Duke Zhigao of Ye got into a bad state due to great stress.


We can learn from the words of Confucius in the fable The Man Drinking Icy Water, except____.

A  Destiny and duty are unavoidable.

B  Worrying too much makes no sense.

C  Mental attitude is critical to success.

D  There is no one whose must fulfill his or her duty.


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