1.4.2 Lesson 4 The Language 【含答案】 庄子寓言及其智慧


Which story is chosen as the first story to show the charisma of Zhuangzi’s text?

A  Zhuangzi Dreamed of Being a Butterfly

B  The Happy Fish

C  The Tale of the Peng Bird

D  Cook Ding Carves a Cow


What is cosmologist Stephen Hawking’s interpretation of the story Zhuangzhou Dreamed of Being a Butterfly?

A  The world is changing all the time.

B  We can make use of the uselessness.

C  We can’t really tell reality from dreams.

D  Practice makes perfect.


What was Zhuangzi ‘s reply to the fish in the rut?

A  He said he would save the fish immediately by pouring water on it.

B  He said he had no time to save the fish. 

C  He said he didn’t have extra water to save the fish.

D  He said he will have the water from a river redirected to save the fish.


What is the feature of the story Zhuang Zhou Borrows Rice?

A  Very common image.

B  Sarcastic effect.

C  Description of poverty.

D  Fancy language.


What do many Sinologist think of the Happy Fish story?

A  It resembles Western philosophic reasoning.

B  It is the most intricate dialectical reasoning in China.

C  It is very difficult to follow, especially the sentence given by Hui Shi.

D  It is the most quoted Chinese story.


Which sentence in the story the Happy Fish is most commonly quoted?

A  This is what the fish enjoy doing.

B  You not being a fish, how can you possibly know what fish really enjoy.

C  You not being I, how can you know that I don’t know what fish enjoy?

D  As for how, of course from my own feelings on this bridge.


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