Module 6 On Other Issues--Lesson 3 Acceptance of D【含答案】 庄子寓言及其智慧


What did Zhuangzi understand after a night’s contemplation upon his wife’s death?

A  The method that helps one accept death peacefully.

B  Different phases of life are just a circle, like the change of seasons.

C  Nature is the best home for one’s body.

D  Death is but a transformation of life.


Which of the following interpretation of Guo Xiang’s comment “When ignorant, he felt sorry. When he understood, he was no longer affected.” is NOT correct?

A  Indifference toward death is a result of knowledge of death.

B  Accepting death becomes easy once you know it is the natural ending of life.

C  To sing upon your loved ones’ death is a sign that you understand the Dao of life.

D  All the rites of mourning are unnecessary because people are ignorant of the meaning of death.


How did the skull die according to the fable Zhuangzi and the Skull?

A  Some insatiable ambition or disgraceful behavior have brought the skull to death.

B  The skull’s country had been conquered and he had been killed by his enemies.

C  He committed suicide because he did something evil that disgraced his family.

D  How he died remained a mystery but he is happy with his life as a dead man.


Zhuangzi usually stresses the importance of life, but in Zhuangzi and the Skull, he describes the happy life of a dead man through the mouth of a skull, what’s his purpose?

A  He is trying to create a dualism of life and death.

B  He stresses the relative happiness of death and the relative pain of life.

C  He puts forward skepticism by questioning the existing maxim.

D  He stresses the Dao of natural rotation between life and death.


When Zhuangzi’s disciples were talking about giving him a lavish burial, what was Zhuangzi’s plan?

A  He wished his body to serve as food for crows and vultures.

B  He wished to be buried under the ground with lots of parting gifts.

C  He wishes to be buried in nature without a coffin or any ornaments.

D  He wishes to seek fairness and truth after his death.


Which of the following is not a reason that the fable Zhuangzi Was about to Die is a favorite among many western philosophers according to Ms. Zhou’s analysis? 

A  It is a very good example to show Zhuangzi’s view on life and death.

B  It is a very good example to show Zhuangzi’s humorous style.

C  It is a good story to show Zhuangzi’s defiance against tradition and indifference of death.

D  It is a good story to show Zhuangzi’s love for nature and his pursuit of justice.


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