2.3.2 Lesson 3 On Courage【含答案】 庄子寓言及其智慧


Why does Zi Sang sing songs about poverty?

A  It has been raining for 10 days.

B  He has no money to send for a doctor.

C  He blames his parents and heavy for making him poor.

D  He tries to find the reason why he is so poor.


What can we learn about fate from the story Zi Sang Sings about Poverty?

A  Fate isn’t something that we cannot change.

B  It’s useless to complain about fate.

C  We should always try to fight with our fate.

D  Accept our fate means yield to our fate.


What did Confucius do when he was surrounded by a crowd of people and mistaken as a criminal?

A  He tried to explain that he was not the criminal.

B  He talked to his students and asked them to go.

C  He just sat there, singing a song calmly. 

D  He was scared and tried to escape.


Which story resembles the story What is Courage?

A  Yang Yǜhuan the beauty makes the flowers shy.

B  Xiang Yu committed suicide at Wu Jiang.

C  Empty Fort Strategy by Zhuge Liang.

D  Dong Guo got bitten by a wolf he had saved.


Why did Lin Hui take his son instead of the precious jade disc when fleeing his country?

A  The child was more valuable than the jade disc.

B  It took too much effort to carry the jade disc.

C  Lin Hui and his son are joined by profits.

D  Lin Hui and his son are joined by Heaven.


Which of the following statements is a correct understanding of “gentlemen’s friendship is as pure as water”?

A  When a gentleman makes friends, he should think of nature and love instead of profits.

B  When facing misfortune, your friend takes leave because you are joined by Heaven.

C  Both profits and Heaven can bring your true friendship.

D  Neither profits nor Heaven can bring us real friendship.


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