2.2.2 Lesson 2 On Taking Stock【含答案】 庄子寓言及其智慧


What is Qu Boyu’s advice to Yan He?

A  Refuse the Duke’s offer and just be a civilian.

B  Obey whatever the young man says and protect himself.

C  Be a strict teacher and don’t be afraid of the danger.

D  Teach him in a wise way that would not anger him.


Which of the following behaviors is similar to that of a mantis?

A  Overestimate oneself and set too high a goal.

B  Don’t pay too much attention to fame and wealth.

C  Be courageous and fight your enemies fearlessly.

D  Finish the game even if you know you are losing.


How were the sales when the hat seller tried to sell his hats in the state of Yue?

A  The hats were sold out quickly.

B  There were only a few buyers.

C  People did not buy his hats.

D  He gave out the hats for free.


What can we learn from the story the Hat Seller from Song?

A  A good salesman should have good communication skills.

B  We should not jump to a conclusion before we make any investigation.

C  Practice makes perfect.

D  Beauty is only skin deep, so don’t pay too much attention to your appearance.


What did Tutor Jin Think of Confucius’ touring?

A  He believed that it would be a success even though he may encounter some adversity on the road. 

B  He thought that Confucius was courageous to take the tour and had done well so far. 

C  He disagreed with Confucius’ purpose of touring and compared what he followed to the discarded straw dogs.

D  He highly appreciated Confucius’ courage to take the tour but point out that he may put himself in danger sometimes.


Which of the following behaviors resembles the one in Pushing a Boat on Land? 

A  Learn blindly from the Western experience. 

B  Force the students to work hard.

C  Finish the game even if you know you are losing.

D  Resist the temptation of fame and wealth.


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