Final Exam【含答案】 国际商务管理


The most critical principle of the World Trade Organization is ().

A  MFN principle

B  The principle of changeable system

C  the principle of non-discrimination

D  Market access principle


According to the factor endowment theory, the following countries that are not suitable for developing capital-intensive industries are ().

A  the United States

B  Japan

C  Australia

D  North Korea


There are big differences in service trade between developed and developing countries, and the biggest difference in the following aspects is ().

A  Travel services

B  Transportation services

C  technical services and consulting

D  sales service


The way to allocate resources globally includes ().

A  value chain decomposition

B  global resource search

C  concentrated dispersion

D  all of the above


Among the BRICS countries, the last country to join is ().

A  China

B  Brazil

C  India

D  South Africa


() is the most basic feature of a multinational company that is different from a general enterprise.

A  large scale

B  strong strength

C  cross-cultural and multicultural

D  advanced management level


Among the following nationalized business strategies, the product's ability to adapt to the needs of the host country's local market is poor ().

A  National Center Strategy

B  One country center strategy

C  Global Center Strategy

D  Multinational Center Strategy


The following market environment that is not an international company is ().

A  International financial market

B  Regional economic integration

C  International economic organization

D  politics and law


Which of the following types of countries is dominant when the product is in the standard production stage? ()

A  developed countries

B  Capital-intensive countries

C  technology-intensive countries

D  labor-intensive countries


The civil law system originated from (). 

A  ancient Hebrew method

B  Greek law

C  Roman law

D  Napoleonic Code


Is the foreign public's () evaluation of Chinese goods the lowest?

A  quality

B  the price

C  practical

D  brand and environmental protection


Key points of oligopolistic reaction include

A  Oligopoly

B  Uncertainty of the overseas production costs 

C  Risk aversion

D  All of the above


The fundamental purpose of international companies to pursue standardized operations is ().

A  economic benefits

B  huge market

C  economies of scale

D  meet the needs


The strategy of shifting core competencies on a global scale is among the four types of international competitive strategies ( ).

A  International strategy

B  Transnational strategy

C  global strategy

D  multinational strategy


Eclectic Paradigm of FDI (Dunning) conclude

A  Ownership advantage

B  Internalization advantage

C  Location advantage

D  All of the above


The leading force and main carrier of economic globalization is ().

A  Trade liberalization


C  multinational companies

D  World Bank


The theory that advocated free trade at the earliest was ().

A  Mercantilism theory

B  Balance theory

C  absolute advantage theory

D  State monopoly theory


Technology belongs to the () carrier in globalization. 

A  goods

B  finance

C  technology

D  the media


The country of manufacture of goods and the country of consumption of goods trade through a third country, and for a third country ().

A  Transit trade

B  entrepot trade

C  direct trade

D  Multilateral trade


The vast majority of the world's top 500 companies belong to ().

A  Global multinational corporations

B  Regional dualization multinational corporation

C  Multinational companies based on host country regions

D  Multinational companies based on the home country


FDI means acquisition of real assets abroad. 


Control increased difficulty controlling and coordinating across markets.


Logistics can’t be outsourced. 


First-mover stands for long-run business success.


Implementing home centralization is to get a bigger market.


Dr. Levitt says you should ask what people want from a washing machine, you should not ask what they want from life.


China is both the largest textile exporter and the largest textile importer. ()


The degree of diversification of the subsidiary business is an important factor affecting the way in which multinational companies manage each subsidiary. ()


All foreign currencies are foreign exchange. ()


Economic globalization is an inevitable trend of social development of production. ()


The combination of purchases and sales of companies from both countries has led to a trade balance at the national level. ()


The bigger the multinational company develops, the better. ()


It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.


The European debt crisis has caused economic turmoil within the EU and even has an impact on the global economy. ()


In today's world, no country has a purely protected trade or complete free trade. ()


The EU is an economic community. ()


For every 10% increase in the importance of a country's international trade in an economy, the per capita income level will rise by at least 5%. ()


The global functional structure is also known as the matrix structure. ()


There are also huge business opportunities in emerging market countries. ()


In the mixed economy, there are both the components of the market economy and the government's macroeconomic regulation and control. ()


Transaction types include Investment sales, Purchases, and [填空1]


The definition of outsourcing is the enterprise focuses on the [填空1] business, while let the external professional providers do the non-core business.


Adam Smith puts forward the theory of [填空1]


Firms must decide what things they will do themselves, and what they will [填空1] from other firms. 


[填空1] is used to measure development disparities. 


The world’s needs and desires have become irrevocably [填空1]


[填空1]during childhood is a traditional performance. 


Internalization decision tree includes Equity ownership, Long-term contracts and [填空1]


Low trade costs to export to foreign country is the reason for implementing [填空1] Centralization.


After 2000, globalization mainly relied on [填空1] outsourcing. 


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