Chapter 9: exercise【含答案】 国际商务管理


The most important thing in the globalization of investment is ().

A  International indirect investment

B  Portfolio investment

C  precious metal investment

D  International direct investment


The country of manufacture of goods and the country of consumption of goods trade through a third country, and for a third country ().

A  Transit trade

B  entrepot trade

C  direct trade

D  Multilateral trade


Import duty is an indirect tax, and its tax burden is ultimately borne by ( ).

A  importer

B  exporter

C  consumers

D  producer


Export subsidies as a measure to encourage exports are preferential treatment for exporters when exporting certain commodities.

A  Only on the return of import tax

B  only financially

C  only on cash subsidies

D  In cash subsidies or financial


Technology belongs to the () carrier in globalization. 

A  goods

B  finance

C  technology

D  the media


In which form is the additional tariff usually levied in global trade? ()

A  tariff

B  income tax


D  anti-dumping


The civil law system originated from (). 

A  ancient Hebrew method

B  Greek law

C  Roman law

D  Napoleonic Code


The phenomenon of state corruption that is open to the outside world is even more serious. ()


The World Trade Organization pursues a bilateral trading system. ()


In today's world, no country has a purely protected trade or complete free trade. ()


FDI means acquisition of real assets abroad. 


When FDI happens from Country A into Country B, that is, when a firm based in Country A acquires assets in Country B. 


Developing countries equated FDI with colonialism and imperialism. 


China has been a large host of FDI, especially in the 90s, and is now growing also as a major source. 


Eclectic Paradigm of FDI (Dunning) conclude

A  Ownership advantage

B  Internalization advantage

C  Location advantage

D  All of the above


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