Chapter 4: exercise【含答案】 国际商务管理


The following quantitative criteria that are not part of the corporate strategy are ( ).

A  total sales

B  profit level

C  return on investment

D  Strategic risk assessment


The most important concern of international operators is whether ( ) is clear, reasonable and remains unchanged for a long time.

A  Political system

B  Government policy

C  political party system

D  legal system


() Transnational corporations have the largest share of world trade.

A  the European Union

B  Japan

C  Germany

D  the United States


The index used to reflect the number of host countries involved in the operation of a multinational company is ().

A  Cross-country index

B  network distribution index

C  the degree of outward ratio

D  the proportion of export


The main types of international business organization structure are ( ).

A  the export department

B  International Department

C  regional and global organizations

D  all of the above


The following strategic capabilities that are not part of a multinational corporation are ().

A  global efficiency

B  Macro-control ability

C  local response ability

D  worldwide learning ability


() is the most basic feature of a multinational company that is different from a general enterprise.

A  large scale

B  strong strength

C  cross-cultural and multicultural

D  advanced management level


Multinational companies are ().

A  An organizational form of a company

B  An activity of the enterprise

C  A way of doing business

D  Import and export of goods and services


The following statement about centralization is incorrect ().

A  The centralized model is conducive to the coordination of international business of international enterprises.

B  The centralized mode is conducive to ensuring that the company's decisions are consistent with the overall goals of the head office.

C  Centralized organizations are conducive to organizational change and adjustment.

D  centralized organization is not conducive to reducing duplication of work.


The strategy of shifting core competencies on a global scale is among the four types of international competitive strategies ( ).

A  International strategy

B  Global strategy

C  Transnational strategy

D  multinational strategy


Which of the following are Multinational (single) business strategy?

A  Exporting

B  Replication

C  Importing

D  All of the above


The Home Centralization case described in the class is Mattel’s Barbie dolls.


Low trade costs to export to foreign country is the reason for implementing Home Centralization


Implementing home centralization is to get a bigger market.


Relationships between products are just unrelatedvertical and horizontal.


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